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High Grade Silicone Rubber


High Grade Silicone Rubber – this is the perfect material for sporty timepieces because of its light weight and resistance to water damage. Sweat and moisture breaks down leather over time, and solid stainless steel bracelets can be cumbersome when you have an active lifestyle. Stuhrling Original’s straps are always custom-engineered to fit specific case designs; other than the movement, every single part of a Stuhrling timepiece is made in-house in our Swiss-owned factories! Custom-molded silicone straps are more expensive to produce than generic straps; we take extra steps to make sure only the highest quality components are manufactured for you to enjoy!

  1. Howard Sheldon
    09/03/2013 at 5:26 pm

    I don’t care what you call it I don’t like it at all and I won’t buy it for any reason. I am happy with a stainless steel band in gold or silver or a leather strap. The only reason I might buy a watch with a rubber strap would be if I already had a strap that size in leather that I could change out. I have tried the rubber straps or whatever you call them and I don’t like them. BTW I do love your tourbillions and have two of them if more appear on SHOP HQ with the 6 pay option for about $650 or $700 I will be buying more.

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