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Awesome Stuhrling Original Presentation @ShopNBC TONIGHT!!!

I hope you’re ready for something incredible tonight on ShopNBC, because Stuhrling Original’s going to be bringing two of the most celebrated timepieces in our entire collection!!! At 9PM, join us at ShopNBC for a fully loaded bracelet hour, featuring some of Stuhrling Original’s most rugged watches!! But make sure to stay on the air, because at 10PM EST, we’re going to have a fully packed hour with two of the most celebrated timepieces in our entire collection!!!


First, you’re not going to believe the price you’re going to find on the Maverick Prestige. We’re talking about a Valjoux 7750 Swiss made automatic chronograph movement set inside a rugged 47mm case. The towering gear-shaped unidirectional ratcheting bezel includes milled Arabic numerals atop an Electrical Discharge Machined finish (EDM), giving it a unique texture and sheen. We’ve gone above and beyond with the fine details of the Maverick Prestige – even the crown and pushers are decorated with gear-shaped sheaths! And the high grade silicone rubber strap? A custom-engineered mold was fabricated specifically for this watch case alone to create a seamless integration at the lugs and case!


If you think that’s impressive, wait until you see this on the air! This is the Damier Tourbillon, one of Stuhrling Original’s premiere timepieces, is currently featured in the 2013 issue of Watches International!! This is by far our most ornate tourbillon to date! The solid stainless steel case includes a beautifully decorated bezel with a barley pattern to complement the hydraulically stamped diamond pattern on the dial. The complications include hours and minutes, 24-hour indicator, and animated AM/PM indicator. That’s not all! Those are genuine sapphire crystals protecting the mechanical tourbillon movement, and the strap is genuine crocodile!

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen! Two highly celebrated timepieces available at unbelievable price points, so you’d better join us at ShopNBC, or you’ll be missing out on an opportunity of a lifetime!

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