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Vente-Privee Premier: Stuhrling Original!!!


Stuhrling Original is proud to present our first ever sales event at the prestigious vendor site, Vente-Privee!!! From now until April 10th, 2013, you will be treated to some of the most exciting timepieces in our collections, including the watch you see above, the Emperor Grand DT! This spectacular watch features one of our most iconic case designs. The solid stainless steel case is designed with the crown at 12 o’clock, which is protected by a bow-style crown guard. The beautiful mechanical movement has a stylish bridge at 3 o’clock, which accompanies dual-time complication and animated AM/PM indicator. The Emperor DT is equipped with a crocodile embossed genuine leather strap.


Also featured is the incredible Arronax! This rugged timepiece is one of the heftiest and most solid members of Stuhrling’s entire collection – built with nearly a pound of stainless steel (including the bracelet)!!!


For the ladies, you’re going to find the BRAND NEW Stella! This classically built timepiece features an ST-90089 automatic movement, which includes that beautifully engraved scrollwork. The outer dial is hyraulically stampled with a fascinating pattern and decorated with sparkling Swarovski crystal markers.

These are just a few examples of what you find. You won’t want to miss the incredible deals on this exciting deal! Click here to check out this Vente-Privee deal now!

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