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Groupon Prestige Event!!!


It doesn’t get any better than this, Stuhrling fangs! Starting on Friday and moving on through the weekend is an amazing Stuhrling Prestige sales event at Groupon.com! You’re going to find two of the sportiest timepieces from our Prestige Collection, and they’re guaranteed to blow your mind! You’re looking at the Midnight Falcon Prestige and the Black Scorpion – both Swiss-made and equipped with Ronda Startech chronograph movements!


First up is the Midnight Falcon Prestige! This intense timepiece features a tonneau-shaped case made from solid stainless steel and finished with a sleek and sexy black PVD finish. The circular unidirectional ratcheting bezel includes milled Arabic numerals, and the dial is constructed from genuine carbon fiber for a true sporty personality! Inside this Swiss-made work of art is a Ronda Startech 5030.D Swiss quartz chronograph movement – one of the most celebrated movements on the market! It comes equipped with a high grade silicone rubber strap with stitched genuine leather contrast strip.


The beast you see here is the Black Scorpion, one of the most powerful and sporty timepieces in our entire collection! It starts off with a tonneau-style case with black PVD finish, followed by an intense stain-finish bezel topped with stenci-cut Arabic numerals and Stuhrling “S” screws! The dial is made from genuine carbone fiber and accented with blazing coloration for each execution…if you’re looking to make a bold statement, this is the watch for you! The Black Scorption is equipped with a Ronda Startech 5030.D Swiss quartz chronograph movement along with a custom-molded and fully integrated high grade silicone rubber strap.

Powerful. Sporty. Swiss-made. If you’re looking for a watch that exemplifies each one of these aspects, click here and check out our Groupon deal now!

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