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Customized Straps

Many Stuhrling watches have customized straps made specifically for their cases. These straps are usually made from high grade silicon rubber, each carefully engineered, molded, and cut to fit a certain style. You can recognize them by the unmistakable Stuhrling logo or name impressed in the material. If you look at the lugs, you can sometimes see that there is no space between case and strap, something that we call “seamless integration.” These straps are made for that case alone; it will not fit any other watch in Stuhrling’s collection.

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  1. 01/24/2012 at 3:07 pm

    Many years ago when I had a Hewlett Packare computer when replacing the battery I discovered the the voltage was slightly different to all other computers. You were forced to buy it from Hewlett Packard. While this was great for Hewlette Packard I greatly restricted my being able to buy a battery at a better price from some one else. Now this is happening with watch companys. I prefer leather bands and don’t mind buying a rubber (silicone strap) because I could change to a leather one. But this trend is not appreciated by many customers like myself. Invicta seemed to have started this and Then I started buying Stuhrling . Sorry to hear that now I can’t change out a Sturling band. I am dissipointed. Howard Sheldon

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