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Engineering the Finest Watches

If you’re familiar with the Stuhrling Original brand, then you already know our mission: to make luxury timepieces available to a broader spectrum of watch lovers and collectors without detracting from the quality and style you expect from high end watch companies. This, however, requires a lot of work; you have to know the right people, have access to right materials, and of course, have the knowledge necessary in creating the finest possible end product. These are all qualities met by Stuhrling Original, and one of our proudest achievements is to put in all that hard work and still make affordable timepieces. When it comes to dedication and skill, we are second to none at our price point.


From our tourbillons to our most basic quartz timepieces, each case design comes directly from schematics drawn up by our own expert watch engineer; none of Stuhrling Original’s cases are ever bought from a third party – they are all created in-house at our Swiss-owned factories. If we want a new case design, it is designed from scratch. Furthermore, these cases are never cast from a mold to speed up the process of production. Each individual case is blanked from bars of solid stainless steel to ensure strength, durability, and quality.


We use a variety of movements, but we are known for our mechanical automatic timepieces. Many of our fans wonder what the caliber number means. The “ST” in front of the caliber number stands for “Stuhrling,” and it denotes a movement that has been individually calibrated by our own watchmakers before we use them in any case. Stuhrling Original will always check a movement for its accuracy and functionality before using it any of our timepieces, and this extra step ensures the highest quality and most reliable timepieces possible for our brand. It is a painstaking and time-consuming process, but the end result is worth it.


Krysterna is a material used exclusively by Stuhrling Original. It is a product engineered by the eyeglasses industry, and it is designed to be more shatter-resistant than sapphire. You will find this material in most Stuhrling Original timepieces. We are also known to use sapphire crystals for many of our tourbillon models.

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