Enigma - 46mm

Here is an exciting new addition to Stuhrling Original’s collection: The Enigma! There has never been any watch quite like the one you see above in terms of dial design, because we went all out in creating something fascinating, unique, and intriguing. This timepiece has a dramatic split level dial, cut in half with a sinuous line to resemble and yinyang! It has to be experienced for you to understand and see just how far down the lower section really is. The right side of the watch, the raised section, has been plated with genuine mother-of-pearl, custom cut to fit this watch and this watch only. The left side of the watch, the lower section, has been stamped with a rich sunray pattern, which is also home to the anchor-style bridge at 6 o’clock! The hour and minute hands are set into the sub-dial at 12 o’clock, and it features individually applied Roman numerals and dot markers whereas the mother-of-pearl plate is home to the applied Arabic numerals. Some of you may also recognize the twisted rope bezel found in the Caesar II and Augustus. This is definitely one for the collector’s box for all Stuhrling fans!

  1. Fred Compton
    09/15/2011 at 11:16 am

    I only have one question about this fabulous watch. . .When???????

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