Lady Bermuda

Lady Bermuda

Brand new to Stuhrling Original is the Lady Bermuda, a watch that’s powered by a Swiss Ronda movement! It utilizes a beautiful two-tone style with a bamboo forest style dial…the Arabic numerals are bold and easy to read at a glance. Make no mistake about it, ladies: even though this watch is petite and stylish, it’s backed up by solid steel construction, including a solid stainless steel bracelet!

  1. Anonymous
    08/08/2011 at 8:24 pm

    Pros :

    -Good looking dial
    -Bezel color goes well with the gold (assuming that this is how it looks like IRL)

    Cons :

    -I honestly have no idea why a diver’s bezel is there, without diver’s markings, on a dress watch. I dont know why there are 24 hour markings on the bezel either.

    -Why are there minute markings…on the dial….instead of hour markings? This does NOT make it easier to read the time.

    -Cant figure out the purpose of the outering ring markings either.

    Overall i would say the designers tried hard to make a watch that looked different but went to the extent of deliberately putting in unusual stuff JUST to look different.

    IMHO would look a lot better if there were no numbers on the bezel, there were hour markings on the dial and the strange outering of markings were removed.

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