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Winchester Revolution

Stuhrling Fans, get ready for something brand new and spectacular! We’ve been working on the following timepiece for a long time in order to get everything just right, and now we’re ready to unveil it for you on ShopNBC. This is the Winchester Revolution!!!

Winchester Revolution

This timepiece is one of many firsts in the entire Winchester series! Its predecessors all feature a classic three-hand design, but the Winchester Revolution is equipped with the caliber ST-91011 mechanical automatic movement, one that you may already be familiar with in our Tempest. That’s right! This Winchester features a double barrel complication: two mainsprings for nearly 72 hours of power reserve on a full wind! It also includes a dual-time complication, as well as an AM/PM indicator. The truly remarkable aspect of this timepiece is the incredible skeletonization of the dial that lets you see the entire movement, including the bridge at 6 o’clock that serves as the centerpiece of the entire look. No ifs, ands, or buts about it; the Winchester Revolution is a spectacular presence on the wrist!

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  1. Howard Sheldon
    08/29/2011 at 9:26 pm

    I bought this watch in goldtone and I just love it. It is a beauty that looks like it should cost hundreds more. It has a special place in my collection.

    Howard Sheldon

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