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Stuhrling Schedule – Sunday January 2nd!

Just when you think we pulled all the tricks out of the bag, it turns out we were just getting started! Stuhrling Original will be back on the air on January 2nd with Watch Time with Jim, followed by a special watch event on January 3rd, and finally, some dedicated hours on January 4th! Enough chitchat! Here’s the schedule that you MUST follow!

Note: All times are EST and are subject to change at any time. Updates will follow.

Sunday January 2nd
Watch Time with Jim – 7:ooPM
Watch Time with Jim – 8:00PM

Monday January 3rd
A New Year: Watch Special – 5:00AM
A New Year: Watch Special – 7:00AM

Tuesday January 4th
3:00AM – Shawn Wilsie
4:00AM – Shawn Wilsie
6:00PM – Jim Skelton

7:00PM – Jim Skelton
8:00PM – Jim Skelton


Regatta Valiant - Orange Dial

Look out for the BRAND NEW Regatta Valiant with the all new orange dial! This new look is going to blow you away when you see it presented live on the air!


Millennia Savant - Blue Tinted Crystal

If you missed it the first time it was on the air, now’s your chance to snag one, because the Millennia Savant with the tinted crystals are not guaranteed to last! They’re an amazing addition to our collection, and we are proud to present it on ShopNBC!


Alpine Xtreme

Alpine fans rejoice, because you’ll be seeing the Alpine Xtreme, a super sporty version of one of our most popular and recognizable mechanical automatics! This is a bigg’un!

  1. Kevin
    01/03/2011 at 12:14 pm

    Love the new Alpine Extreme, but not crazy about the colors.

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