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Montres de Poche Versaille

Montres de Poche Versaille

A pocket watch is not something you see very often nowadays, but it is still a very bold fashion statement to wear one. It was a symbol of style and class, and to pull off the “pocket watch look,” you have to be dressed for the occasion. It just so happens that Stuhrling Original has its own line of pocket watches named after French cities, and the one you see above is called the Montres de Poche Versaille.  This elegant timepiece features an old world look, including a hydraulically stamped guilloche pattern at the center of the dial; it adds an element of texture that draws the eyes to where they need to be. Inside the minutes/seconds track flange is where you will find the individually applied Arabic numerals. The Versaille is powered by a mechanical automatic movement, which runs the classic two-hand complications with small seconds sub-dial. This is truly a classic for every watch lover’s collection.

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  1. Wayne Machuca
    12/22/2010 at 5:48 pm

    Just got my Versaille from SHOP last week for a really great price. The watch has a nice, elegant, but not overdone appearance. It is very light weight for a larger watch and winds well (you can tell when the main spring is almost maxed). So far, it’s keeping time very well (within 20sec/day). The face is very easy to read (important for me) and the guilloche pattern (look it up in Wikipedia) causes the face to sparkle. And, there is one thing that I missed and found out by accident: there is luminesence on the hands. Love it.

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