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Millennia Savant

Millennia Savant - Yellow Tinted Crystal

Brand new to Stuhrling Original is the Millennia Savant, a sporty and incredibly eye-catching take on the Millennia Series. They not only feature the incredible tinted crystals that give you an all-around splash of color, but the dial has been modified from the original Millennia Visionaire – you now have Arabic numerals around the exposed mechanical automatic movement! Here you have the yellow tinted crystal, the brightest and cheeriest of the three executions; the color is vibrant and makes the dial flare to life in a deep goldenrod.

Millennia Savant – Blue Tinted Crystal

The blue-tinted crystal on the Millennia Savant has a more subtle, dark and sexier personality. While it’s more low key than the other two executions, it still catches the eye and demands admiration.

Millennia Savant - Red Tinted Crystal

This picture does not do the red crystal Millennia Savant justice – the color on the actual watch itself is incredibly vibrant, flashy, with a hint of orange that simply blows you away the moment you look at it! It is absolutely clear, and that deep, gorgeous color just seeps right into the watch itself! Wait for that presentation!

The strap themselves are extremely comfortable, leather with a black strip down the middle with matching color on the sides and bottom…the Millennia Savant is superb from start to finish.

  1. 12/15/2010 at 6:43 pm

    I have a Millenia in stainless steel with a green and black strap.

    I always get compliments when I wear it.

    It’s a very unique looking watch, as you don’t see very many sleletonized tounneau-shaped cases.

    A very comfy watch and an excellent example of Stuhrling’s out-of-the box designs as the leading maker of skeletonized timepieces.

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