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Stuhrling TTV Schedule on ShopNBC

Alright, ladies and gentlemen, we have a VERY exciting show for everyone coming up next week from November 25th to November 26th (Black Friday). We’re going to be bringing the best of the best, top of line, no bars held collection of timepieces, including BRAND NEW never before seen watches that you are absolutely going to love just in time for Thanksgiving and Black Friday. The gift-giving season is now, and we’ve got a surprise for you! Stuhrling Original will be hosting a TTV that features the Delphi Omega gift set, a pair of watches: one for the men and the other for the ladies, and it’s going to be at an incredible value and price! Here is the schedule for next week!

All of these times are EST and are subject to change at any time. Keep checking back for more details and latest updates.

November 25th – TTV Launch!
11:00PM – Tim Temple

November 26th
12:00AM – Tim Temple
1:00AM – Tim Temple
5:00AM – Kristine Kvanli
9:00AM – Allison Waggoner
1:00PM – Melissa Miner
2:00PM – Melissa Miner
4:00PM – Kendy Kloepfer
7:00PM – Lynne Schacher
9:00PM – Daniel Green

Delphi Omega Gift Set

We would like to extend a huge thank you to Jim Skelton for providing this wonderful photography!

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