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Stuhrling Schedule for 9/19 to 9/21

It’s almost that time again, ladies and gentlemen! Stuhrling Original will be back on ShopNBC in about a week, and this is going to be a very promising and very exciting rotation, because not only are we bringing back some of your favorite classic watches, we’re going to be featuring BRAND NEW timepieces that you are absolutely going to LOVE!  Here is the schedule for our next show…remember to keep coming back for updates and pictures, because the schedule is always subject to change.

Note: All times are EST

Sunday September 19th

7:00AM – Libby Floyd
12:00PM – Allison Waggoner

Monday September 20th

3:00AM – Shawn Wilsie
4:00AM – Shawn Wilsie
11:00AM – Libby Floyd
10:00PM – Jim Skelton
11:00PM – Jim Skelton

Tuesday September 21st

2:00AM – Shawn Wilsie
3:00AM – Shawn Wilsie
9:00AM – Katina Forte
4:00PM – Allison Waggoner

Are you ready for this? Many of you have been itching for a BRAND NEW Emperor, and now it’s finally here! Stuhrling Original is proud to present to you the Emperor 1889!!!!

Emperor 1889 - Photograph by Jim Skelton

Like our featured post states, we will be featuring a BRAND NEW version of the Alpine timepieces: The Alpine Sport. If you’re an outdoorsy person, or if you have a bold personality, you’re going to absolutely LOVE this watch!

Alpine Sport - Photograph by Jim Skelton

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