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Apocalypse LE

Yes, the Apocalypse Series is one of Stuhrling Original’s most well-known and loved collection of watches. These timepieces are powerhouses when it comes to making a stunning impression on those around you; there’s nothing subtle about the design. Right off the bat you will notice the dodecagonal bezel with the classic S-screws you expect from an Apocalypse piece, but the Limited Edition version of this series adds a whole new level of style: diamonds. Approximately 1 carat of genuine diamonds decorate the bezel in an incredible display of contrast! The skeletonized dial is richly decorated with genuine carbon fiber, and like all skeletonized mechanical automatic watches, the decorated movement is exposed for the world to see! It also lends to the feature that makes many members of the Apocalypse Series so unique: the propeller-style faceplate atop the mainspring.  While the Apocalypse LE would do well for a boardroom style watch, its sporty high grade silicon rubber strap makes it casual enough for every day wear! Of course if you want one of these timepieces, you’ll have to contact an avid Stuhrling collector; its limited quantity means that there are no more in stock from our major vendors. Look around! You might just get lucky!

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  1. mike surita
    09/14/2010 at 4:34 pm

    I like all Stuhrling pieces i rate them all five stars

  2. Larry Holmack
    09/14/2010 at 11:34 pm

    Awesome looking Apocalypse…..the diamonds on the bezel….OMG…talk about the wow factor!!!

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