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Audrey Freedom

Audrey Freedom

The Audrey Series is home to some of Stuhrling Original’s most popular timepieces. Here we have the beautiful Audrey Freedom. We designed them with the utmost care and craftsmanship in order to bring the watch culture to women. We have a reputation for making beautiful skeleton timepieces, particularly those with mechanical automatic movements, and here we have something similar: an open heart dial, but rather than just a simple opening, it’s done in the shape of a butterfly! This ingenious design reveals the balance wheel that, when it oscillates, creates a fluttering effect that really brings the Audrey Freedom alive! The Swarovski crystals, each colored to match the execution, decorate the Arabic numerals and bezel, as well as one that caps the crown. And of course, we’ve also color coordinated the genuine leather straps as well. Remember, the Audrey Freedom has interchangeable straps so you can mix and match until you’ve got the color combination that’s perfect for your wardrobe! See it now on ShopNBC.

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  1. Mindie
    09/13/2010 at 2:24 pm

    I have this in black MOP – it is my FAVORITE watch!

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