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Stuhrling Original Birds-of-Prey

Here on the official Stuhrling Original blog, we like to let our fans see the progression and evolution of certain watch models that have made an impact with its look, style, and class, and today we have one that’s always been special in our eyes. Our Safari Series include many different timepieces that deal with the wild and rugged environments found in nature; they are about adventure, overcoming challenges, being on top of your game, and being tough enough to make it out of any situation! Here are the ones that made into today’s special highlights reel!


This is the Tercel, the first of the birds-of-prey. As you can see from its make and design, it has a lot of the Falcon look to it, but it doesn’t have the wings yet. Sporty enough on its own, it only gets better when you see its successor, the Falcon.


Now this is a sight that should be familiar. The original Falcon, done up with that Ronda Startech 5030D Swiss chronograph movement and brandishing the signature wings, it’s easy to see how this sporty watch ended up being one of Stuhrling’s most favored timepieces. Due to its popularity, it was only natural that we came up with a Limited Edition version.

Midnight Falcon - Photograph by Jim Skelton

Slick, dark, and sexy, the Midnight Falcon took the world by storm when it came out with its brand new colors. Limited Edition, and rightly so, this timepiece offers a mysterious personality to the beautiful Falcon line. And then with the growing watch culture and growing watch sizes, we bring you the Falcon Predator.

Falcon Predator

Bigger is better when it comes to sporty watches, and the Falcon Predator is glad to oblige! It measures in at an astounding 52mm, making this the largest bird-of-prey in our collection! No matter how you look at it, this watch will soar with style when you put it on your wrist.

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