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The Mad Man Collection

Whenever a new watch comes into an ever-popular collection, much excitement is generated, both in our offices, as well as in Stuhrling Nation, our dedicated fans. You may have seen these watches already, or you may even own one or two of them, but these occasions call for something a little more special. You have to take a step back and look at the progression from one watch to the next, starting with the original Mad Man.

Mad Man

Here is the original Mad Man, a beauty all its own, and with a case size that was simply out of this word at its time! It’s got the case equivalency of a 53mm round case design, and it has the presence to match! When you think of the curved cases in Stuhrling’s watch collection, the Mad Man has to be the flagship timepiece, because the dramatic curvature of its case design makes it so comfortable on the wrist.

Mad Man Chrono

Because the original Mad Man was a mechanical automatic watch, the next progression up would be to make it a chronograph. The Mad Man Chrono is actually an odd watch out, because it has a different case design. Nonetheless, it is no less deserving of the Mad Man name because of its bold exterior, that signature curve of the case, and the massive presence it has on the wrist.

Mad Man C2

We couldn’t just leave the Mad Man collection without a proper chronograph in the same case design, so we devised this beauty here, the Mad Man C2. All the features you love about the original Mad Man’s case design, now fitted with a great quartz chronograph m0vement. Reliable, large, and a maker of statements, the C2 really showed Stuhrling fans that we are all about innovation and modernization without sacrificing art and tradition.

Mad Man Traveler - Photograph by Jim Skelton

The next step in the Mad Man’s evolutionary chain would be the Mad Man Traveler, a very interesting direction for this series. This timepiece utilizes both analog and digital time-keeping devices. For all the Ana-Digi lovers out there, this is the perfect watch to make an impression all around the world.

Mad Man Skelly

And finally, the Mad Man collection would not be complete without a skeletonized version. What will come next for the Mad Men? Only time will tell :). I hope you enjoyed our little tour!

  1. Tony
    08/03/2010 at 1:20 pm

    One of the best!

  2. Tony
    08/03/2010 at 1:22 pm

    The Mad Man Chrono is amazing!

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