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Stuhrling Schedule – August 1st 2010

One week after our last appearance on ShopNBC, Stuhrling Original will be returning to the air with a collection of watches you know and love, as well as watches you may not have seen before! We’ve already revealed an exciting new batch of watches, from the Regatta Meridian to the Admiral, all of which flew from the shelves in a matter of hours. And we’re about to do it again!

All the times shown here are EST. Always remember to check back for updates, sneak peeks, and previews. Times are also subject to change at the last minute.

Sunday August 1st 2010

5:00AM – Katina Forte
6:00AM – Katina Forte

10:00AM – Allison Waggoner – DEBUT ITEM: MAD MAN SKELLY!
3:00PM – Wendi Russo
7:00PM – Jim Skelton

8:00PM – Watch Time with Jim
9:00PM – Watch Time with Jim – Manchester Ozzie w/ Interchangeable Straps

Here are some notable watches you should look out for on our next show on ShopNBC:

MAD MAN SKELLY – If we haven’t impressed you with our Mad Man Series yet, then you’re going to absolutely LOVE the Mad Man Skelly! It’s got the same case design as the original Mad Man, but it’s got a fresh new look that’s also classic at the same time!


A GREAT new addition to the Nemo Series, the Nautilus will make an excellent presence in your collection! you’re going to love the bracelet on this timepiece! This watch is MASSIVE! It measures in at 51.5mm (9-3) not including the crown, 19.5mm thick and weighs in at a WHOPPING 364 grams!!! On top of that, the Nautilus has 200 meters water resistance!!!

Regatta Meridian Chrono

Regatta Meridian Chronograph – You’ve seen the debut of this watch, so you know it looks like a million bucks! It’s back, and we might have some surprises for you! That’s right, it’s a BRAND NEW rose gold execution!!!

Expedition Universelle – This is one of the most unique timepieces in Stuhrling Original’s collection. It has a very classic look and feel, especially with the triple bridge dial work!

Targa Pro – Targa fans rejoice, because the “Pro” in “Targa Pro” means that this beautiful chrono will be coming on a stainless steel bracelet! Now we have TWO BRAND NEW executions: Red and Yellow!!!

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