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Lady Regatta Valiant

Regatta Valiant (Small)

In addition to the brand new Regatta Valiant, there is one made specifically for the ladies: Lady Regatta Valiant shown above. While it can certainly be viewed as a woman’s watch, the shear size and weight of it allows for it to be a mid-sized watch for men as well, especially if you mean to color coordinate your wardrobe. It’s bold, it’s beautiful, and it’s for anyone who wants to make a statement. The case design and the bracelet is nearly identical, except in the smaller Regatta Valiant, it has a strip of color going down the center link. Again, this is a Ronda movement, which means that it will be accurate and it will be reliable…and because it’s a diver watch, it’s got that amazing 200 meter water resistance! You’ve seen it on ShopNBC, and you can still get it there right now at an amazing value!

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