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Novizio Giorno

Novizio Giorno

If you’ve been around Stuhrling Original’s homepage, you may have noticed a very special and peculiar collection of watches in one of our menus: The Vault. Here are the veterans of Stuhrling’s collection, watches that you can no longer find from our online vendors. You may be able to find pictures of them on Amazon or Overstock, but that’s about it. Here you see a beautiful tonneau shaped timepiece known as the Novizio Giorno, or “new day.” It is a Master Calendar, a kind of watch that keeps track of the day, date, and month! They are quite uncommon, and every watch collector should have at least one to make their collections complete. Not only is the Novizio Giorno a Master Calendar, it also includes an animated AM/PM indicator and off-set seconds pointer at 6 o’clock! Also keep in mind that it is a mechanical automatic – no batteries, no quartz crystals, no computer chips; the only thing that keeps this watch going is the sum of its parts. It is equipped with dual-deploy clasps on a genuine French leather strap, along with quick release pins in case you want to change the straps out! If you managed to get your hands on a Novizio Giorno, congratulations! You’ve accomplished what countless others cannot.

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  1. chris winterbottom
    07/06/2010 at 8:58 pm

    Like all SO classic

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