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Introduced late last year, the Montague takes the spotlight, because there are so few watches today that share it’s most prominent attribute. This timepiece is a pure mechanical watch, one of a limited number in Stuhrling Original’s collection, and because of that, it deserves a little extra attention (from us and from anyone who owns it!).  Many people don’t understand what owning a pure mechanical watch entails; it means that you have to wind it every single day or it’s going to stop. Unlike automatic watches, these timepieces are an homage to how watches were built before the rotor was added to the movement. No mechanism will keep the watch wound as you move your arm, and no battery will keep it running when you’re not looking. The Montague is powered by the sum of its parts, starting with the mainspring, which releases power into the pallet fork that keeps the balance wheel vibrating. It is also a skeleton watch, which means that most of its dial is cut away to reveal the movement underneath! Any way you slice it, the Montague is a sight to behold, and as mentioned before, makes a beautiful boardroom piece that will add power and fashion to whatever you’re wearing for the occasion.

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  1. Gregory Wood
    07/05/2010 at 10:35 am

    Great watch, looking forward to the next rotation.

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