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July 4th Weekend Pick: Nautico

Nautico - Photograph by Jim Skelton

In light this holiday weekend, today’s spotlight watch will be one that features the colors of our great country, the patriotic red, white, and blue. In this case it’s red, silver, and blue, but it comes close enough! Independence day commemorates an end to an era and the beginning of a new country that quickly rose to fame and power and became the America we know today. What better way to show it off than to wear a watch like the Nautico? This watch embodies many of America’s greatest attributes: it’s bold, solid, and strong, and it works 24/7.  Stylish and hefty, the Nautico measures in at an impressive 46mm in diameter, and the way the lugs curve allows it to conform to your wrist for incredible, almost unbelievable comfort! Then there’s the beautiful stainless steel triple row bracelet…this feature gives it a solid look and feel that you’re sure to enjoy. Happy Independence Day everyone!

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  1. Gregory Wood
    07/05/2010 at 10:36 am

    We got to see this watch on Larry’s wrist at one of the Boston GGT’s.

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