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ShopNBC Schedule – July 14th – 15th

You’ve all been waiting for it, and now the time is near; Stuhrling Original will be on ShopNBC on July 14th to July 15th with 9 hours of showtime. Not only will some of your favorite timepieces be included in our next rotation, but you’re going to see some BRAND NEW, never before seen watch models that will blow you away! But first, the schedule:

Note: These times are all EST, and they are subject to change at any time. Any changes will be updated here ASAP.

July 14th/15th

12:00AM (Midnight) – Jim Skelton
1:00AM –
Jim Skelton
2:00AM – Jim Skelton

July 15th

7:00AM – Heather Hall
12:00PM (Noon) – Katina Forte
4:00PM – Daniel Green
5:00PM – Daniel Green
10:00PM –
Jim Skelton
11:00PM – Jim Skelton

Here’s a short description of what you can expect to see during our next rotation:

From the brand new Acacia Series comes a brand new watch for the ladies, the Botanica. A beautiful quartz timepiece that features a floral pattern on the dial – elegant and stylish with a splash of color.

Apocalypse Grand – You’ve seen it in the video, and this will be just as impressive on the air!

Excalibur – There will be 4 executions of this BRAND NEW timepiece on our next rotation, and you’re going to absolutely love it! Its size and style is unmatched!

Regatta Valiant
– A very stylish timepiece that’s as bold as its name suggests. Watch out for this one, because it’s going to be one of the classiest watches you’re going to see!

Lady Regatta Valiant – We didn’t leave the ladies out of this one, because the Valiant comes in a smaller case designed for a woman’s wrist!

Prospero – Named after a character in Shakespeare’s last play, the Tempest, the Prospero joins the Bardolatry Series, along with its predecessors, the Montague, Apollo, Tempest, and others. This mechanical automatic timepiece is a skeleton watch as expected, but with an off-center design that will really grab your attention!

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