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Spotlight: Alpine Slalom

Alpine Slalom

Remember Stuhrling Original’s Alpine? Of course you do, because it happens to be the most successful timepiece we’ve ever produced! It’s not wonder we’ve put so much effort into producing more along the same series and design. In fact, one of the most recent TTV’s we’ve featured on ShopNBC was a new member of the Alpine Series called the Alpine Challenge. That was a very special piece for us because we introduced the new DuraCoat system that featured the brilliant and iridescent colors on the bezel and dial. Following up on that trend, we came out with the watch shown above: the Alpine Slalom.

Alpine Slalom (Close)

You can see the similarities to the original Alpine and the Alpine Challenge, but the Slalom was made LARGER! Along with the classic scalloped case design and bulbous crown, we decided to alter the dial work to give it a fresher, more streamline look, and boy did we succeed! This sporty Slalom features a faceplate that’s skeletonized to reveal even more of the movement underneath! Instead of Arabic numerals, we used Roman numerals instead, since it fits in more with the minimalist design of the dial work.  Absolutely beautiful. Don’t miss this Alpine, guys and gals!

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