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Watch Pick of the Day: Super Apocalypse

Super Apocalypse

If Stuhrling Original is known for just one of our watch collections, it would have to be the Apocalypse. This timepiece has been done and redone so many times due to popular demand that we’re starting to run out names for them all! Including the Super Apocalypse shown here, we have 8 different models in the series, and guess what? We have more coming out in the future! Here are some of the features that make the Apocalypse so special –

Case Design – Many Stuhrling fans and watch fans in general crave the bigger cases, and with this timepiece we did not disappoint. We started off the Apocalypse series in a 47mm case, but the Super Apocalypse? This one has a 49mm case, and it’s guaranteed to make a big impression on everyone.

Movement – Many different movements have gone into the Apocalypse case, from automatic to quartz. This watch comes with a skeletonized automatic movement that shoes off the inner workings, but in such a way that is artistically pleasing; you can’t see all the way through it, but you definitely see the parts moving as they keep time!

Strap – The Apocalypse Series is one of the few watch series in Stuhrling’s collection that comes in all three kinds of straps: leather, bracelet, and rubber. There’s a different Apocalypse for every style of dress!

Being the latest addition to Stuhrling’s Apocalypse Series, the Super Apocalypse takes the Watch Pick of the Day award, which means one thing: you must get your hands on it the next time it shows up on ShopNBC!

  1. BG
    02/15/2010 at 5:55 pm

    wow, another one I’ll have to add to my growing Stuhrling Original collection!

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