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Brumalia – A Closer Look


While we’re on the topic of pure mechanical watches, who can forget about the Brumalia? This watch is one of the most popular watch models in Stuhrling Original’s collection, and it almost always sells out when featured on ShopNBC! In fact, watch fans of Stuhrling, as well as members of Stuhrling Nation have requested that we bring this watch back time and time again, and it was only after several months that we finally brought it back and made it available again to everyone! What is it about this watch that appeals to watch collectors? It could be that it’s pure mechanical movement leaves much to be desired because of its homage to watch-making history, or it could be the impressive 45mm case design! It could also be the double coin-edge bezel or the oversized balanced wheel that is really a pocket watch movement turned into a wrist watch. It could also be that it comes in the same case design as its close relative, the Saturnalia! Whatever the reason, the Brumalia is most definitely a watch well recommended for collecting and wearing. Don’t miss your chance, because they’re not expected to stay in stock; you don’t want to wait months before they come back!

  1. Kenneth Block
    02/09/2010 at 10:37 am

    There’s nothing more that can be said about the “Brumalia” other than Class,Class,Class! Did I mention Class? 😉

  2. Mark
    02/10/2010 at 7:40 pm

    The Brumalia is right up there with my Imperial Tourbillon. I cant decide which one I could live without if I had to. God willing I’ll never have to make a choice like that !It was my very first Stuhrling original purchase and I havnt stopped since.

  3. SE
    02/13/2010 at 3:58 am

    Man, I finally got my hands on this piece during the top value showing two weeks ago. Was very pleased when it arrived. Very elegant, classy piece. As Larry would say, you can wear it with a tuxedo. Great Job Guys!!! Can’t wait to grab that Tourbillon next.

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