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Stuhrling Alpine – Revisited

Alpine Challenge - Photo by Jim Skelton

Taking a look back at the Alpine Challenge right after the OTV special, let’s touch on some of the features that makes the Alpine a genuine Stuhrling Original Alpine. First and foremost is the propeller style faceplate that give it a unique and dazzling appearance that screams for attention! For the first time in the Alpine series, the Challenge features contrasting colors in the 12, 8, and 4! Then of course, there are the cigar-style hands, not tipped with Luminova this time, but set with enamel that matches the contrasting colors of the watch design. You also cannot ignore that domed Krysterna crystal that gives this watch its amazing look. In fact, it sets the thickness of this watch at a whopping 18mm! The scalloped edges of the Alpine Challenge is also something unique to the Alpine series, and that, along with the crystal and the bulbous crown, just adds to the roundness theme of the timepiece as a whole. These are features that describe the Alpine series as a whole, but there are some upgrades that are unique the the Challenge: first, there’s the bezel, which is colored using the DuraCoat method. What is DuraCoat? It is a two-pronged chemical airbrushing technique that not only gives the watch a brilliant shine wherever light touches it, it is also permanent! The DuraCoat process is also used to accent the guillotine rotor in the exhibition case back, and to top it all off, the Alpine Challenge features an integrated mesh bracelet that has never been seen on the Alpine series before! It is also removable, and as a separate offer, can be modified with a sandwich-style leather strap that changes the entire look and feel of the watch! This watch is absolutely a work of art, and if you missed it, you’d better pick one up RIGHT NOW, because there is a VERY limited supply left!

  1. Anthony
    02/26/2010 at 10:42 pm

    Didnt get one was wondering if there will be more for sale.

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