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Spotlight: Gaston!!!

Gaston - Rosetone

The watch shown here is Stuhrling Original’s Gaston, the final “Once Only” timepiece presented on the final hour devoted to Stuhrling last night and presented by Jim Skelton and Larry Magen. This was truly an amazing watch, not just because of the complications, which we will get into shortly, but also because of the unbelievable value that you will never see again on ShopNBC! There are three executions of this timepiece: Black, Silvertone, and the one shown above, Rosetone, and all of them have a different style and feel depending on what you’re trying to go for. The Rosetone execution offers a very classic, retro-look; eye-catching and elegant in its own right. The Silvertone execution wears like a boardroom piece, dressy and confident, and finally, the Black execution cannot be described as anything but sleek and stealthy. It is subtle with just the right amount of flair from the green numerals of the date indicator.

Gaston - Silvertone

Getting down into the nitty gritty details of the Gaston, you will be amazed at what this watch includes. It is a GRAND Calendar, which means its complication includes the day, a retrograde date, month, and year Most people would expect this level of complication and design to be on a quartz movement, but that is not the case! Stuhrling Original’s Gaston is a mechanical automatic, which means that all these complications run on a single main spring!!! For the price point it was being offered for during the Once Only event, it was nothing short of insanity.

Gaston - Black

Congratulations to everyone who managed to get their hands on one of these fabulous timepieces! We did not expect them to last very long, and our predictions were correct! This piece is about to be retired soon, so if you don’t get one now, you may never get one direct from Stuhrling ever again! This is definitely a watch you need in your collection because not many people own a grand calendar yet; the Gaston is a great way to remedy that problem. There are still a few pieces left, so click on the pictures above to see how you can own one, too!

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