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Stuhrling Wrap-Up on ShopNBC – Part 1

Stuhrling Original would like to extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who joined us for our latest ShopNBC event! Whether you bought several watches or just one, or even none at all, it is a pleasure to present our wonderful timepieces to you, and we hope you join us again and again in the future!

Let’s start this Monday off with some spotlight events that happened during ShopNBC’s 27 hour watch event, which, by the way, was kicked off by Tim Temple and Larry Magen with none other than Stuhrling watches! We came right out of the gate with guns blazing, because this time we did not hold back at all! We began with a Once Only, the Zeppelin.


There have been many different incarnations of the Zeppelin over the years, and the one that was back in stock returned to ShopNBC. This is the new edition of this timepiece, the largest case in this particular design and it came in rose gold, gold, and silver. This mechanical automatic watch was filled with special features that give it the look and feel of a high end watch. First thing you will notice will be the shape of the case; the Zeppelin has a tonneau design, and not only that, the case is curved as well. This curvature of the case and crystal makes it far more expensive and difficult to produce, so to bring it on as a Once Only at a price that was too amazing to be true, it was a truly remarkable deal.

As for the technical details regarding this timepiece, it features a five-piece suspended movement with no markers and no dial. Also a part of the Adventurer series, the Zeppelin was inspired by the Alpine in its face aesthetics. A beautiful watch, featured and sold out on ShopNBC. Don’t miss it when it comes back.

  1. Larry Holmack
    01/25/2010 at 2:35 pm

    Awesome shows!!! I managed to pick up two great Stuhrling Originals I had been wanting. I got the Rosetone Delphi Automatic and a rosetone Nemo Master Calender…both awesome watches. Thanks again Larry Magen from all of the Stuhrling Nation!!!!

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