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Showcase #6 – Targa


The Targa series was inspired by competition, speed, and racing, so it’s no surprise that the name itself, “Targa,” came from an open road endurance race held near Palemo, Sicily. This race is considered one of the most challenging; the first Targa Florio involved 277 miles of “track” riddled with hairpin turns on treacherous mountain paths!

Stuhrling Original’s Targa was built with a racecar in mind, which lent to its movement, a Rhonda Startech Chronograph, to be installed. Keep in mind that the Rhonda movements are some of the most accomplished Swiss chronographs on the market, so you know that this watch will keep and track time accurately. This pure Swiss-made Startech declares all metal parts and 13 jewels while powering the most reliable add-and-split-function chronograph with center-stop seconds, 30-minute sub-dial, tenths of a second and 10-hour counter,  small seconds sub-dial, and an auto-correctional big-date complication!

The name “Targa” also means “shield,” and with the sheer size of this watch, it might very well be one! The case measures in at 47mm or 52mm including the crown! And like all our timepieces, the Targa is milled from solid bars of 316L surgical grade stainless steel and protected with the patented Krysterna crystals, a material more shatterproof than sapphire; our watches are well protected against wear and tear! Functional and stylish, it’s no wonder the Targa ushered in a series all to itself!

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