In homage to the great success we’ve had with our Delphi Oracle, Stuhrling Original would like to give a tribute to the watches that started it all: the Apollo and the original Delphi. These watches were some of our most popular and well-known, and we’re proud to say that we have sold up to ten thousand of them in the past year or so! The first thing you’ll notice about this timepiece is the skeletal dial, of course, but rather than having the dial open at in the middle, it’s actually off-center, which allows us to set the numerals in a teardrop pattern! The herringbone dial is then hydraulically pressed with a guilloche design that gives it that classic Delphi look. You should also take note of the Greco-Roman inspired triple step bezel in the case design, because it adds an element of style and elegance that’s incredibly difficult to achieve.

Delphi - Photograph By Jim Skelton

The original Delphi and the Apollo are nearly identical in design. When the Delphi was first released, it came in a 39mm case, and it was a huge hit on ShopNBC! It was a watch that both men and women can wear, but Stuhrling Nation and Stuhrling fans called out for something more: a larger version. From there, the Apollo was born. Set inside a 44mm case, it took the dressy look of the original Delphi and turned it into a full sized powerhouse of a timepiece! You don’t want to miss this one, guys, because once it sells out, it will be months before it returns !

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