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Spotlight – Centurion


The latest watch to generate buzz from Stuhrling Nation is a veteran of our watch collection: the Centurion. Let’s go into the naming of this timepiece. The Centurion was a tank designed in World War II by the British and became the most widely used tank of all time. They found themselves not only in the British army, but that of many countries around the world. Designed to stand the test of time, Stuhrling Original’s Centurion shares the same sentiment. This watch, in a word, is a tank! The measurements of the case is 38x44mm, which isn’t something you want to wear if you want to be modest; the Centurion is one of the boldest designs in Stuhrling’s collection! If you look at the side of the case, you will see a six-stripe pattern, a reflection of the six-wheel design of its namesake. Hand-engraved scroll work on what remains of the front-plates as a backdrop, the individually applied high-tech Arabic numerals appear to be floating as there is no visible dial to hold the distinctive markers! To complete it’s protective design, the silicone rubber straps are built directly into the case, eliminating the need for lugs! A classic piece for a rugged look, the Centurion should definitely be a watch you want rolling into your collection! Available now at ShopNBC. Click on the picture above for more details.

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