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Thursday Night Highlights

Again, we would like to thank everyone for joining us last night for Stuhrling Original’s appearance on ShopNBC! Tim Temple and Larry Magen combined forces and brought us some of the most amazing deals, including a once-only special on one of Stuhrling’s most beautiful pieces: the Tempest! This is a spectacular timepiece, and if you haven’t seen it before, here it is:


What’s so amazing about this timepiece is the complication: the Tempest is a double barrel watch equipped with dual mainsprings!  In fact, Stuhrling Original was the first company to get our hands on this movement, and we had it exclusively for the first six months! It comes in a 44mm case, dual-time zone, and an animated AM/PM indicator, and because of the double-barrel mechanical automatic movement, it has a whopping 72 hour power reserve! The once-only price was completely unheard of, because this piece absolutely looks like tens of thousands of dollars on your wrist. By the end of the night, 3 out of the 4 executions were completely sold out! Still available in gold tone, click on the picture above to get one for yourself!

The second highlight of Thursday night was the second once-only that featured the Legacy! This has some of the most beautiful mother-of-pearl dial work in our collection. They have, as Tim Temple stated on the show, a sort of Aurora Borealis  look to it with the way the irridescent dial reflects the light! This is a veteran of the Stuhrling collection, and once you see this watch, you will know why it was such a massive deal at the once-only price! If you’ve never seen it before, have a look now:


Just have a look at that dial! The mother-of-pearl was cut away at 6 o’clock to accommodate the genuine retrograde GMT complication! Even the design of the case back was made to match the dial! An extremely dressy piece, this is actually the choice watch worn by the owner of Stuhrling Original nearly every day. Not surprisingly, two out of the three executions were sold out, but there’s still the white mother-of-pearl with the gold numerals remaining! If you want to own a Legacy for yourself, click on the picture above and get one now!

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