Wednesday Wrap-Up

Stuhrling Original would like to thank everyone who joined us last night on ShopNBC, and we hope you enjoyed the show! We began our fantastic rotation with Tim Temple when we introduced some brand new timepieces like the Concorso Chronograph and the lady’s Fantasia! If you haven’t seen these yet, then have a look at them now:

Shown first is the Concorso Chronograph, featured earlier on the blog, but this one is the brown and blue execution, and the contrast is absolutely amazing! The complications include a tachymeter all around the bezel that measure speed based on distance, and this watch features a beautiful carbon fiber dial! The Fantasia, although not as sporty as the Concorso, adds its own element of elegance and beauty to compliment a lady’s wrist. This timepiece comes from our Audrey series and follows suit with that collection’s theme of butterflies; the Fantasia features butterflies decorated with Swarovski crystals on a fantastic dial that matches the comfortable leather strap. Furthermore, we have genuine Swarovski crystals all around the bezel, giving it the shine and sparkle of a diamond watch! And this was just the first hour! You can watch the show by clicking HERE.

Later that night from 7PM to 11PM, three whole hours of show, Stuhrling appeared on ShopNBC again with Jim Skelton, and break in between did not diminish our momentum at all! On this show, we brought back a veteran of our watch collection, a staple on our ShopNBC appearances, the incredibly bold Centurion! For those new to this tank of a watch, it was actually named after one of the most famous tanks in history! Just look at this beauty:


One of the most prominent features of the Centurion is the integrated strap, i.e. the strap is built directly into the case itself! More than that, the features engraved into this watch absolutely blows you away! This is not a watch you want to miss out on!


Along with the many debuts we’ve had so far, the Regatta La Femme returns with a brand new execution: BLACK!!! By far one of the most beautiful ladies’ watches in our collection, this one features GENUINE DIAMONDS all around the uni-directional ratcheted bezel along with the elegant black mother-of-pearl dial! Just one look at this bracelet watch and it’ll be love at first sight!

If you missed the show last night and didn’t get a chance to record it, you can still watch it on the ShopNBC website. Here are the links for all three hours:

Hour 1
Hour 2
Hour 3

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