Showcase #1

The Showcase

The Showcase section of the blog is a special segment that will feature Stuhrling Original watches that have gained special attention from Stuhrling Nation and Stuhrling fans. Ultimately what becomes a candidate for the Showcase is strictly objective, but the general criterion for each will be the same: the amount of buzz and love shown for a particular piece online based on reviews, requests, and volume of discussion in watch forums.

Showcase #1: Emperor’s Grandeur

Emperor's Grandeur (Photo by Jim Skelton)

Despite being one of the newest additions to Stuhrling Original’s line watches, the Emperor’s Grandeur quickly gained popularity in December of 2009. This timepiece was inspired by a watch from the Boardroom Collection, the Emperor, which had an open heart complication. The name of the watch comes from a famous fable called “The Emperor and the Nightingale,” which was a story about a tyrannical king with a failing heart. He was later healed by the singing of a nightingale, and as a result, became a great and benevolent ruler of his people; his “heart” was opened up to the world.

The Emperor

Unlike the original Emperor, the Emperor’s Grandeur was built with a complete skeleton dial, and it had a larger, 50mm case. The incredible amount of detail placed in the exposed complications was one of the many factors that made this watch one of today’s most popular Stuhrling timepieces. Equipped with dual time, small seconds, and an animated AM/PM indicator, it’s almost too difficult to believe that this watch has a pure mechanical movement; it keeps near-perfect time without the use of batteries, quartz crystals, or computer chips. Wearing a mechanical timepiece is paying respect to the art and tradition of watch-making, because pure mechanicals are built like they were in the 15th century.

Rosetone Grandeur

For the first few weeks of its debut, the Emperor’s Grandeur was only available through ShopNBC, and in previous weeks, already caught the attentions of the most avid watch collectors on watch forums like WatchGeeks. People were stunned not only by the specs, but also by the look of the watch. When the time came for the Grandeur to be unlocked and showcased on ShopNBC, it was simply magic from there; all three executions, Silver, Gold, and Rose, sold out, and Stuhrling Nation screamed for more. In response to fans, Stuhrling added 150 more pieces to a subsequent show, but they too were quickly snapped up by eager watch collectors waiting for their chance to own a Grandeur of their own.

Goldtone Grandeur

What does the future hold for the Grandeur? The answer is almost obvious: because of its popularity, along with the raving reviews this watch has received so far, the Grandeur will most likely be a recurring guest on ShopNBC. When the time comes, we hope you can own one of your own, or add to your current collection.

  1. Gregory Wood
    12/23/2009 at 5:03 pm

    I recently got the Silver-tone Grandeur and have to say it is probably the coolest watch in collection. With the double barrels it seems like the power reserve is endless on this watch. If you want a spectacular watch all you need to do is buy this watch.

  2. 12/27/2009 at 12:28 pm

    What an awesome and impressive timepiece, I have the SS with blue hands.
    I receive a lot of positive compliments on this timepiece, with inquiries on how the gawker can obtain 1.

  3. Karen
    10/03/2010 at 10:52 pm

    this is freaking awesome! Why can’t they make a smaller one just like it for women???? The whole thing, the watchband, everything! I want one!

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