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Screw Down Crowns Instructional Video

The crown is the most important part of owning a mechanical or automatic watch because it’s the part you use to set the watch. There are two different kinds of crowns, however: the push-pull crown and the screw down crown. Most watches have a push-pull crown. That is, you pull the crown out in order to set the watch, then push it back in when you’re done. A screw-down crown, however, requires you to unscrew the crown before you can set the watch. Here’s an instructional video to teach you how.

You might be wondering to yourself “what’s the point of a screw down crown?” The crown is actually where most dirt and water can get into a watch and damage it, so that’s why diver watches have a screw down crown. This innovation keeps your watch clean and safe. We hope this information helps.

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