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Rose Gold

Eternal Sunrise IIThe Eternal Sunrise II is an excellent example of Rose Gold

Bright, yellow gold used in jewelry gives the wearer a feeling of elegance, class, style, and nobility. While it also gives the impression of wealth, it can also be very flamboyant; too much, at times, when you want to be wearing something more subtle. This is where “Rose Gold” can help.

Rose Gold, or “Russian Gold,” is not something that can be found in nature; it is an alloy made specifically for jewelry. It is still mostly gold, but it is combined with copper to give it a reddish hue. How red the Rose Gold becomes ultimately depends on the amount of copper used in the mixture. The most common gold-copper alloy consists of 75% gold and 25% copper (18k). The highest karat version of Rose Gold is called “Crown Gold,” which is made from 22k gold. The lowest karat gold-copper alloy consists of 14k gold. This mixture is about 41% copper and is known as “Red Gold.”

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