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Alpha Inventions

The Targeted Traffic blog, Alpha Inventions, is something that just came to my attention on how to increase traffic to your blog according to prospective viewers’ interest. It’s a wonderful tool that helps new blogs gain a little more air time in the world wide web; we all know more often than not new blogs end up vanishing into the aether, or at least into the depths of internet spam sites.

Alpha Inventions reminds me a little of how Twitter works, but instead of seeing a short excerpt, you see a blog update or entry. Granted you can only see this on Alpha’s site, it’s one bookmark you should definitely add to your browser’s Favorite List. (People viewing Alpha Inventions at the same time you’ve updated your blog will see your update, real time. Neat!) Perhaps a gadget will come out of this that will emulate the vast social aspect of Twitter and lets people add a sidebar that shows entry updates of their favorite blogs. It’d probably be a lot of work, though. The Links sidebar would work just as well. Nevertheless, thank you, Alpha Inventions, for the free traffic. Kudos to you.

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